Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future

Kira Omans is an Asian-American actor, model, dancer, and adoptee advocate. She was adopted by a Caucasian family living in Washington DC and grew up with an adopted brother from Korea, as well as a sister.

She struggled to adjust to how different she felt at school as her family had always celebrated their diversity. But, at school, these differences weren’t celebrated. They were highlighted in negative ways and she was forced to learn the harsh realities of racism and micro-aggressions, especially later in her career as a professional actress.

Kira Omans_Overcoming Odds

Today, Kira is a strong and influential advocate of adoptees and of learning from the breadth of unique experiences we all have to share and learn from. She gains inspiration from surrounding herself with people who are motivated, talented, strong, and driven.

“I truly believe that when you connect with people, you enrich their lives as well as yours,” she says when thinking about all of the relationships she has had the opportunity to form.

But, at the end of it all, when the world seems like it’s against you, Kira knows that she has to rely on what’s inside, on what drives her passion and what she wants to accomplish, not only for her, but for her community as well.

“Know that your story is unique to you, no one else has that exact story.” If we can all remember those words, then we all have the potential to realize that our differences truly do make us and our stories worth sharing.


Episode highlights:

  • On differences: They are your strengths

  • On accomplishments: They aren’t worth having if you can’t share them with others

  • On purpose: Think of how you’ve come and how far you want to go

  • On challenges: You get to decide how you react

Selected Episode Notes:

  • Miss Asian American Pageant (2:00)

  • “How much you put in is how much you get out” (4:00)

  • Adopted from China at 10 months old (7:30)

  • Racism (9:00)

  • Differences are your strengths (9:30)

  • Your past does not define your future (12:30)

  • Casting director (13:30)

  • The importance of community (14:00)

  • My purpose (16:00)

  • Building connections (17:30)

  • What do you want to be remembered for? (20:00)

  • Being present (22:30)

  • My network (24:00)

  • Staying humble (26:00)

  • Maintaining confidence (28:00)

  • Your story is important (31:00)

  • My perception of adoption (33:00)

  • Final thoughts (34:00)

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