Writing Your Own Life Story

It all started in his early teen years. 

He said, “… I was born and raised in Manila … Wonderful place … Wonderful community … Had aunts and uncles who doted on me … My parents raised us … telling me and my siblings that we can conquer the world; we can be whoever we wanted to be …”

But, as years went by, Richard Tagle noticed a change in his environment.

Instead of being led with the mindset of, “you can be whoever you want to be,” he noticed that he was being honed in the direction that others preferred. 

A series of questions started to formulate including, “When do you get to live your own life? When do you get to make decisions for yourself?”

A decision had to be made, to follow the path that was being created by those surrounding him and living a life that was dictated by somebody else, or creating a life based on his own interests and preferences.

Which option would you choose?


  • On Life: Create a life based on your own interests and talents

  • On Success: How do you define success?

  • On Mentorship: Lead with an open mind

  • On Story: Write your own life story