Be the Person You Needed Most When You Were Younger


A word that can be used to describe much of her early beginnings, especially her experience related to adoption.

She said, “There is so much that’s lost because my birth mother is no longer on the planet.”

A person, with whom April Dinwoodie wishes she had developed a stronger connection with.

A person, who may have helped April find answers to some of her burning questions, such as “Were my birth parents in love? Were they connected in some significant way? Was there a forced sexual experience?”

A list of questions that will always remain a part of her identity.

An identity that was formed by taking bold steps forward, not backward.

Helping her gain significant experience in the process, including CEO at The Donaldson Adoption Institute, founder of Adoptment and host of the rapidly growing podcast, Born in June Raised April.

Leading her to experiences that have helped her position herself as a thought leader within the adoption and foster care community.

A thought leader, whose efforts continuously challenge the norm.

A thought leader, whose efforts could be looked upon as inspiration for future leaders.


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  • On Transracial Adoption: Be fierce about protecting your child, physically and emotionally

  • On Qualities of Great Mentors: Commitment, Patience, and Presence

  • On Advocacy: Strive to become an influencer

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