Discovering Self-Worth

She felt unworthy.

Shame, combined with lack of belonging, began to take over her life.

A decision had to be made. It was either to find a way to overcome the obstacles in front of her or suffer for the rest of her life.

As most of us can relate, it is moments like these that define who we are.

Moments, filled with tragedy and pain that make us stop what we’re doing and reflect.

For Holly Lysne, an adoptee from the Baby Scoop Era and avid journaler, the healing process was no different.

She said, “I decided to fight back. I was not going to let that sense of shame win.”

I asked, “How did you do it?”

She said, “Mindfulness.”

A practice through which you face your deepest and darkest emotions.

A practice that will take you on a journey as you seek answers to questions such as, “What are my feelings? What are my emotions? And where do they stem from?”

A practice that has helped Holly develop a different perspective on suffering and pain.

A perspective, which made her realize that pain and suffering are temporary.

Remember: nothing lasts forever.

When life gets hard, know that a brighter day will follow!


  • On Adoption: Listen to your heart

  • On Relationships: It’s always a work in progress

  • On Meditation: Take a walk in nature, find quiet time, focus on a single simple task

  • On Pain: It’s temporary

  • On Our Judgements of Others: They often reflect our own shortcomings

  • On Developing Trust: Take it one day at a time