Generational Poverty to Generational Wealth

What would you do if you became homeless today?
It’s a condition that is unimaginable to most, if not all of us.
A condition that made Tiffony become more resourceful, so she would never have to lay her head on the concrete ground again to sleep, or beg at a church or soup kitchen for a meal in order to survive.
She said, “I started to realize that at 36 years old if something really bad had happened… I didn’t have long-term care protection. I didn't have a saving vehicle that would allow me to take care of myself if I didn't have any income.”
This was a moment of truth that made her realize the importance of financial literacy.
A moment of truth that made her become accountable for her actions.
A moment of truth that made Tiffony Jacobs want to change the current cycle of living in generational poverty, to one of generational wealth.

“Don’t change your dream, change your plan.”


  • On Future: Plan to live beyond your retirement

  • On Thriving: Invest in yourself

  • On Resilience: Define your next steps

  • On Courage: Find a group that shares your values

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