You Are Enough

How do you see yourself?

She said, “I think when we want to belong anywhere, it’s all about being seen … Being seen for who you truly are … As an adoptee … people don’t get to see all of us because we can’t show all of us … There is part of us that is either hidden to us or unknown to us … When we’re looking at how to be seen, its an enigma to us too … When we know we feel like we can belong, it’s because we are confident in being ourselves in the company that we’re in …”

Who are the people that surround you? Do they accept you for the type of person you are today?


  • On Belonging: See yourself within other people

  • On Community: Surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are

  • On Self-Worth: What makes you unique?

  • On Purpose: What is the reason for your existence?

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