Cultivating Radical Self-Compassion & Self-Love

Picture this. (It’s not hard to do.)

You’re stressed out at work. You can’t elude it. So much so, you take it home.

Sometimes it affects your outside life to the point that you don't seem to have one!

It can get so bad you don’t sleep.

Every morning it begins again...and don’t get me started about Sunday nights!

You’re stressed out. It sucks. The worst part? There seems to be no way out…

Suspend your disbelief.

This is Shelley Brown. She did it. She got out.

She spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, climbing the ladder and making great money, all while stress slowly consumed her.

Then, after a particularly difficult time, she decided it was enough. So she learned how to address her stress. Then, she became better at her job AND her life.


  • On Thoughts: "We are much more than our thoughts"

  • On Blame: Stop blaming others

  • On Pain: There are many layers to pain

  • On Present: Live in the moment

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