Timing, Luck, and Talent

It was frustrating.
It would take 100 “No’s” before getting a single “Yes.” But, there was no other way around it.
Embracing rejection was the only way. Giving up on her dream was not.
Not for a girl from Long Island, NY.
Not for a girl who wanted to be on TV since the age of 3.
Not for a girl who worked on Broadway at the age of 9.
But, as most of us know, things often get worse, before they get better.
For Jenna Ushkowitz, it was not any different.
Roles were limited due to stereotypes.
Money was tight.
Becoming an actress was a mystery.
As some things were getting worse, others were getting better.
The entertainment industry shifted. It became more diverse. This time, favoring Jenna.
Even with this new wave of excitement and opportunities, there were still challenges to overcome.

I asked, “What does it take to succeed in this business?”
She replied, “This business is about timing, luck, and talent.”
Three factors that get to determine whether you’ll make it or not.
A devastating thought for most of us to imagine.
I asked, “How do you maintain your focus with so much pressure?”
She replied, “You must keep perseverance and passion for doing what you do.”


  • On family: You choose the type of people you want to have in your life

  • On acting: It’s all about timing, luck, and talent

  • On challenges: Don’t get in your own way

  • On mentors: Surround yourself with changemakers

  • On purpose: Listen to yourself

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