Finding Courage to Tell Your Story

It was hard.

30 years of hard work. Massive credit card debt. Yet, the book was still not finished.

She said, “My mom died before she could finish her book. I am not going to die before I finish mine.”

However, things continued to get worse before they got any better.

She was fired from her job for throwing a pen at a student and saying, “Fuck” in front of the whole class.

Her marriage was falling apart.

A hard moment of reflection was bound to follow.

She gave up her apartment. Packed up everything and left.

Next stop, Martha's Vineyard, NY.

Two weeks, 336 hours, to complete her work.

But, the story was not coming out.

She said, “I was heartbroken. My one hope was that I could write a book.”

Fear took over.

She texted her best friend and explained all of the reasons why she couldn’t do it.

She felt devastated.

But, right before she was about to pack her things and leave, she received a message.

Her friend wrote back, “Use your true voice.”

It all clicked. She stopped trying to be the person her parents wanted her to be. Enough was enough.

All of a sudden, she understood how to tell her story.

93 days later, “You Don't Look Adopted” was finished.


  • On change: You must create pressure, community and guidance

  • On adoption: Every adoptee should tell his or her story

  • On flourishing, not survival: Take care of your body

  • On being “normal”: Just be yourself

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