Why You Must Tell Your Story

It was hard to stay quiet.
Her body was constantly covered with bruises.
Her home was one of fear and abuse.
Her father was the man responsible for it all.
Others knew, but no one spoke up.
It left her no other option, but to speak up for herself.
During her sophomore year of high school, she was finally removed from her abusive household and placed into foster care.
“Foster kid”, a term that she could only imagine before, was now a part of her identity.

As most of us can relate, it is through hardship and adversity that we’re able to learn life’s toughest lessons.
Honoree Corder was no exception. Instead of dwelling on her grueling upbringing, she turned it to her advantage.
She has used her story to lift herself up.
She has used her story as inspiration for others to tell theirs.

As Honoree had mentioned, “Don’t be intimidated by the long process of book publishing. Start telling your story today.”


  • On abuse: Talk to someone about it

  • On future: Figure out a way to work for yourself

  • On success: Practice behaviors of successful people

  • On opportunities: Be open-minded

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